Custom Protective Cases
Simple Setup Anywhere!

Single Screen Case

Our Single Screen Cases are designed for super easy setup.  The removable side panel allows you to easily stand the screen upright without ever having to lift it off the ground.  The base will never be removed, providing a true plug and play experience.


Double Screen Case

Have 2 Screens? No Problem! 

Our double cases make transporting two screens a breeze.  These cases are designed to be light weight and hold two screens with the bases removed.


Multi-Screen Case

Our Multi-Screen Cases are designed to hold up to four of our largest screens. These cases are designed with a removable side panel and are narrow enough to fit through any standard size door.




Custom Screen Cases

We custom build cases to hold any combination of screens. All cases are built with a removable side panel, locking wheels, rubber handles and locking side latches.


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